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31 Days

This is the 31st post I have made in as many days. One full month of posting something every day.

I am not sure how much longer I will be able to keep this up but in any case it has been a good run. I have managed to write ...

The Return of the Comments

I have decided to add comments back to this site. They were removed when I switched from wordpress to a static site generator (pelican) and I:

  • Couldn't be bothered to convert the few existing comments
  • Didn't want to mess around with comments on a static site setup
  • Didn ...

Why am I doing this

If you are following using an RSS feed or look back at the dates published articles, you will notice that historically I have managed short bursts of relativity frequent blog posts, followed by long periods of silence.

Recently I have started trying to post something, anything, daily.

The main reason ...

What is a Bloated Site

At work, I have been asked to help look into why a web based tool has been having performance issues. I am on the team as an outside person without any direct involvement with the project so far. The suspicion is that it is a server configuration issue however those ...

Appologies for the delay

I have not been particularly good recently at updating this site. I note that the last post was made nearly a year ago.

It is not as if nothing has happened in the meantime (my second son was born last October), but I have not managed to get any thoughts ...

Moving to Pelican

As stated in a previous post, I have changed the site away from wordpress to pelican.

This post details the reasoning and the process of changing over the site.

Why change?

In the past the site was just static files, I then moved over to basic php files that would ...

New Site for 2016

Welcome to the new site. I initially started off with updating the site to include the details that I am now a Chartered Chemical Engineer, however this lead on to further updates.

Changes made

I eventually opted for a complete rebuild using pelican and I will discuss the reasoning for ...


On the day Ubuntu releases hardy heron, I have decided to set up this blog.

The main intention of this exercise is to document ideas, hints and tips with technology. I hope that this will not turn into a whining exersize about everyday life, for that, you'll just have ...