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Bumps in the Road

While driving around some of the back roads of Connecticut I noticed that in some places they have installed a rumble strip in the centre of the road when there are double white lines signaling that no overtaking should take place.

A Quick Response

It is nice to know that when a safety concern is raised, it gets acted on quickly.

As part of the building works being carried out in our office, one corridor was blocked off with a wooden wall. As I was about to leave last night, I noted that two ...

Thanks to.. DisasterCast

DisasterCast Logo

I recently found out about a podcast that was started back in January 2013 called DisasterCast.

A podcast about scary things and how to stop them happening.

It is presented by Drew Rae who I recognised from his contributions to The Pod Delusion a podcast I was listening to back ...

Typeup of Proof Testing Webinar

Yesterday I viewed a webinar on proof testing1 organised by IChemE.

The presentation was a good overview and went at a decent pace for following along but was too fast for me to take any decent notes.

Below is a quick writeup of what I took from the session ...

Vanessa Sutherland - Trevor Kletz Memorial Lecture

Vanessa Sutherland was1 the Chair of the US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) and delivered the fourth Trevor Kletz Memorial Lecture2 at the IChemE hazards conference.

I did not attend the lecture in person however the IChemE have put a video of the presentation online3.

Screenshot of video
Vanessa Sutherland: CSB ...

Thoughts on Today's Fire

I decided not to post this on the day of the incident but wait till more was known. There have been too many occasions where comments made in the immediate aftermath of an incident are ultimately unhelpful. A week has passed now and I feel that my comments are still ...

The Keil Centre - Presentation

Yesterday I attended a presentation at the Keil Centre delivered by Janette Edmonds on 'Predictive Assessment of Human Reliability'.

Focus of the presentation was on prediction and looking forward to what could happen, rather than the traditional view of retrospectively looking into times something has gone wrong.

Human Reliability

While ...

An Extra Benefit of Self Driving Cars

I have recently been thinking on the improvements to safety when self driving cars become popular and well used. People generally accept that (given time) these cars are going to be safer than human driven cars because they won't get distracted. The worry is that you won't see ...

Implementing Safety

My work place held a safety stand-down in response to the higher number of injuries (mostly slips, trips & falls) seen this year.

The manager who delivered the presentation put it to us that it was down to behavioural safety and that people are not taking as much care as they ...

Cycling in to Waverley Station

I have been on holiday for the last week and have made a number of trips into Edinburgh during the week and have taken a bike with me to help get around the city.

In the distant past, to get a bike in or out of Waverly, you would simply ...

A Health and Safety Perspective of Cycling Safety

I took the NEBOSH National General Certificate a few years back. The course was a comprehensive overview of health and safety in a work environment.

One of the mnemonics provided by my lecturer for the course was “Eric, P.D.”, as a way to remember the Hierarchy of Control. The ...

Self and Hasty

I am not normally the most health and safety conscious person however I am uncomfortable with the layout of the classroom I am currently in. All the chairs and desks are over to the one side of the room and there is a huge amount of space at the far ...