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Disastrous Dinners Responses

The Disastrous Dinners Survey was emailed to IChemE members in Scotland today and the response has been good.

Members of the IChemE committee got access to the survey last Tuesday, the survey was posted to Facebook and LinkedIn yesterday and I got the email from IChemE at lunchtime today.

So ...

Disastrous Dinners Survey

I presented the suggestion to members of the IChemE committee tonight and the feeling was positive. The next stage is to publicise the survey:

Disastrous Dinners: Part social event, part technical talk and part workshop. Something for everyone!

We are looking to host a series of these events next year ...

Ways to Make a Bang

It seems almost fitting that on the 5th of November, Guy Fawkes night, that I would spend the day working out different ways to blow stuff up.

Today was the first day performing a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) of the plant I used to look after as an operations engineer ...

Disastrous Dinners

I have just come up with an idea this evening for a regular IChemE event. I will take the time in this post to get my idea into the screen before deciding if it is a good idea or not.


There are a few challenges that occur when trying ...

Painting and Disasters

Today has been a day of DIY, mostly painting in the downstairs toilet. This was a good opportunity to catch up on podcasts and I spent most of the time catching up with the DisasterCast back catalogue.

I don't have much to add except that I found it an ...

Safety and Security

I am still working my way through the DisasterCast back catalogue. During the episode on security and safety.

Part of the discussion described the difference between safety and security as:

Safety protects the environment from the system.

Security protects the system from the environment.

I am not convinced that it ...

Preflight Briefings

I am still working my way through the back catalogue of DisasterCast and today got to one on the preflight briefing.

It was the next on my list when I was on the plane back home but I was too tired to listen to it that night. I am not ...

Bumps in the Road

While driving around some of the back roads of Connecticut I noticed that in some places they have installed a rumble strip in the centre of the road when there are double white lines signaling that no overtaking should take place.

A Quick Response

It is nice to know that when a safety concern is raised, it gets acted on quickly.

As part of the building works being carried out in our office, one corridor was blocked off with a wooden wall. As I was about to leave last night, I noted that two ...

Thanks to.. DisasterCast

DisasterCast Logo

I recently found out about a podcast that was started back in January 2013 called DisasterCast.

A podcast about scary things and how to stop them happening.

It is presented by Drew Rae who I recognised from his contributions to The Pod Delusion a podcast I was listening to back ...