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Recap: The Checklist Manifesto

Last night I finish reading The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande. I remember hearing about the book when it first came out but have only just now got around to reading it. The book is about 75% explanation about how awsome checklists are in various fields such as aviation, medicin ...

Ready Player One

Ready Player One was one of the in flight movie options. I was waiting to watch it.

I loved it more than I was expecting. And I had high hopes.

Thanks to... Let Me Google That

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Abby Norman for her wonderful podcast series Let Me Google That.

Almost every day she picks a subject that interests her and does a five to 10 minute talk about it. These subjects can be on almost anything, the history of ...

Review: Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent

Last night we tested out our new family tent. Previously we used a 4-man dome tent which worked well enough for two of us. It also was fine at EMF in 2016 when the weather was really hot, so we (two adults and a toddler) didn't mind hanging around ...

Thanks to.. DisasterCast

DisasterCast Logo

I recently found out about a podcast that was started back in January 2013 called DisasterCast.

A podcast about scary things and how to stop them happening.

It is presented by Drew Rae who I recognised from his contributions to The Pod Delusion a podcast I was listening to back ...

Review - Stitch Master


Stitch Master are a Tailors in Falkirk and I used them to take-in a couple of my old shirts that I do not use any more.


I have trouble finding shirts that fit me well, even the slim fit shirts often feel loose around the waist.

I have ...

Review - Athleteshop

I recently bought a Basil Urban Fold Messenger bag from Shortly after receiving the bag, they sent an email requesting a review of their site however the place to review it is their facebook page (and I am not currently using facebook).

As such, I have decided ...