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Thoughts on Good and Bad Procrastination

I have just come across an article written in 2005 about Good and Bad Procrastination. Essentially procrastinating by ignoring errands to get on with the big questions or tasks like an absent-minded professor shouldn't always be considered a bad thing.

Getting on with errands can feel good and productive ...

Shoot for 80%

I have been trying to reconcile two competing ideas around how to approach projects.

One idea is expressed here by Tom Scott:

Don't shoot for the moon and miss.

Do not try and produce something if you can't actually make it properly.

The next idea is expressed by ...

Learning From Remote Workers

I have just finished reading an article about the challenges and opportunities of remote working, and I noticed that many of the bits of advice that the article provides to remote workers could equally be applied to those of us that work on the same site1.

In-person time is ...


My Avatar

A year ago today, I started to use Habitica, an online role playing game aimed at improving productivity.

What is Habitica?

Similar to lots of other online games, you have a character and work to collect experience (which allows you to level up), coins (which allow you to purchase items ...

Times When Tracks Does Not Work

I previously wrote about how Getting Things Done (GTD) and Tracks have been useful in keeping organised at work. When GTD is working, things generally feel good. Even when there is a high workload, there is also a sense of control.

There are a couple of areas when I tend ...

Keeping a Personal Log with Rednotebook

One of the most important aspects of 'being organised' in the workplace is to keep some form of logbook. This is somewhere that you can record what you are doing on a day to day basis so you can reference it in future to remember exactly what happened (because our ...

Cheating at Work

Generally it seems that many people at work are always struggling with workload. When you ask them if they have completed a task, they respond that they haven't had a chance to look at it. It is almost seems like a badge of honor. I used to worry that ...