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Language Trouble

Every time I visit the United States, I make the same mistake. This time it was when I was asked if I wanted chips or salad with my burger.

I automatically assumed the waitress was talking about, what everyone around here calls french fries. Of course what actually arrived at ...

HackerX Invitation

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a several emails inviting me to a hackerX event in Edinburgh. These are advertised as "an invite-only recruiting event for developers". 

Yesterday I emailed them back informing them that I wasn't a programmer or developer but in fact a chemical ...

Three in Three

In the last three weeks I have completed three lunchtime runs. Today's was the fastest of them but not as fast as I was running last May or last year1. One of the reasons for the slow run may have been the warm and humid conditions 2 but ...

The Magic of a Nap

Sometimes things seem bad1
Today was one of those days
All was good post nap.


  1. feel free to substitute a similar word that ryhmes with nap

And Relax

So in the week before going on holiday I have had to deal with:

  • A broken washing machine
  • A damaged front tyre
  • An "urgent recall" notice from my car manufacturer

This afternoon was the point where all these problems were sorted and there was nothing else for me to do ...

First Run Post Summer Break

I went for my first run since my early summer break today. I have been very poor with my running since leaving university and never gotten into a consistent training routine. The only thing I have been consistent with is that I take a break from running from some point ...

Not Beaten This Time!

Last time we hosted a picnic party I failed to post that day, breaking my streak1.

Not today. Today I am posting no matter what!


  1. Ok my streak was only 2 days at that point but that is not the point

31 Days

This is the 31st post I have made in as many days. One full month of posting something every day.

I am not sure how much longer I will be able to keep this up but in any case it has been a good run. I have managed to write ...

Dyslexia and Me - Today

These posts cover how dyslexia has, and continues to, influence my life.


My performance at school started to improve once I started getting the targeted support. It also helped that in secondary school, classes were more interested in my knowledge ...

Dyslexia and Me - Cycling Metaphor

These posts cover how dyslexia has, and continues to, influence my life.


My previous post finished with the conundrum my primary school teacher had: They knew that I knew the answers but was not completing the school work on time. Most of my primary school ...