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What Happens when you Kick a Radiator Pipe

It Hurts!

Foot where the middle toe is purple

I would advise everyone avoid doing this.

Thoughts on Today's Fire

I decided not to post this on the day of the incident but wait till more was known. There have been too many occasions where comments made in the immediate aftermath of an incident are ultimately unhelpful. A week has passed now and I feel that my comments are still ...

Dictionary Fail

Today when reading an ebook, I came across a word I was not sure about, expostulating. One of the nice features of reading on an ebook reader, is that you can easily select the word and look it up. In this case however it was not that useful:

Dictionary definition of expostulation

Text quoted ...

Eilidh Doyle Talk

Today I attended a reliability away day organised by work. Part of the day's events included a talk by 400m Hurdles athlete Eilidh Doyle. The talk was a relaxed sit down conversation between Eilidh and Niall Browne, the refinery HR manager.

This post includes some of the main things ...

My Day* in Court

* Well just over one hour.

Earlier this week, I attended Falkirk Sheriff Court after receiving a Jury Citation letter a couple of months ago. I thought I would write a quick note about my experience here.

This is the first time I have received a Jury Citation. I have previously ...

Sweaty on a Train

Once again I am sweaty on the train having sprinted for it.

I am headed into Edinburgh for an Inaugural Lecture on Energy, Exergy and How We Can Achieve a Low Carbon Economy.

Unfortunately until this morning, after I was already at work, I had forgotten about it (must review ...

The problem with the EMF Camp Schedule

This time next week, me and by family will be at EMF Camp in Guildford.

I have been having a quick look ahead at schedule. There are lots of interesting talks and workshops that I want to see and I am really looking forward to the event.

My only problem ...

Trapped and Trailers

I am currently trapped. Someone is asleep on my lap and I want to let them get as much as possible so I dare not move.

Unfortunately all the jobs and things I want to do require something about 3 to 5m out of my arm's reach.

It is ...

Yes Because

Apologies, I have been thinking about these all day:

“In politics, nothing is ever as good as you hope it’s going to be, but at the same time nothing’s ever as bad as you fear it’s going to be”.

  • I am #yesbecause I am not happy with ...

Waiting in for a Parcel (Again)

If you ever want to get a parcel to its destination, don't use amtrak!

On Monday I waited in all day only to find out that a closed door confused the delivery man. OK the buzzer on the stairwell doesn't work and I didn't put a sticker ...

Me vs Car

So cycling home up Clarke street and car decides to turn left (with no indicators cos as we all know indicators don't work in the rain). In turning left the car proceeded to take me out and I don't mean for a drink. Whilst I can admit it ...