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Five Years Ago Today

Alot has changed in 5 years. It is nice that some things don't.

Our Wedding

I Loved you then,
I Love you now,
And forever more ∞

At Least the House hasn't Burnt Down

For Christmas 2014, I got a weather station from my parents. I have set it up to put the data online with weather underground and I can view my weather at any time by going to my personal weather station dashboard.

If for some reason, the system stops sending data ...

Trapped and Trailers

I am currently trapped. Someone is asleep on my lap and I want to let them get as much as possible so I dare not move.

Unfortunately all the jobs and things I want to do require something about 3 to 5m out of my arm's reach.

It is ...

My Sister the Actor

My darling sister has just started a 3 week acting course in Glasgow and send me a wonderful little text:

How many actors does it take to change a lightbulb?

None, that's a techies job!

I sent 2 replies:

How many techies does it take to change a lightbulb ...

The Joys of Living at Home

OK I have not been back 24 hours and already noticed the good aspects of living away. For one the internet doesn't stop at 11 o'clock. Last time I came home mum left internet on all night but I didn't notice till the next morning because I ...

Twas the Night Before Christmas

And when my sister ran off to get the book, mum looked the poem up on-line and had it downloaded just as fast as finding the book on the shelf. My sister objected to the modern way so mum had to start again only to get as far as 'not ...

Bugs, Supervisors and Sisters (Same Things I Suppose)

It would appear that whilst I was enjoying the sun yesterday lots of little buggers were having a feast on me! I have dozens of bit marks on my legs and they are VERY itchy. I want to threaten them with being squashed into tiny bits of pulp for what ...