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Where Did You Find Those?

For the last week I have been unable to find my sunglasses. I was annoyed at myself but had accepted that they were gone.

Today my eldest son came running through the house shouting"I found Daddy's glasses”. And sure enough he had my glasses and their case in ...

American Steam Rail

Today we visited the Essex Steam Railway beside the Connecticut River. It was interesting to see the difference between the railway here and comparing it with the trains back home.

I think that the rails are the same distance apart but the trains and carriages seem so much larger. They ...

Mystic Aquarium

Today we took a trip to the Mystic Aquarium because it was featured in a book we have been reading at bedtime and we thought it would be good to actually visit the place.

We decided to go today because we thought it would be raining all day and that ...

Kilts at Weddings

We went to a wedding yesterday and I wore a kilt along with both my sons.

This seemed to get us a lot of attention, almost as if the folks around here are not used to seeing folk in kilts at formal occasions.

Transatlantic Flight with 2 Kids

It turns out that our youngest child will probably be a rollercoaster junky. During both take offs, he had a giant grin on his face. Leaving Edinburgh he had both feet and both arms stretched out in the air. Both kids also enjoyed the strong turbulence as we were coming ...

A Quick Turnaround

Today was the second and last day of our quick turnaround between holidays. We have put all the camping stuff from EMF away and are getting ready for our transatlantic adventure.

The biggest pain had been trying to get our heads around transporting the extra car seats. The requirements of ...


Today we did rest
Spent time as a family
It was for the best

EMF Day 3

Today was the last day of EMF 2018. The events and parties will continue on late into tonight and people are welcome to camp the last night but there will be fed facilities tomorrow morning.

We decided to leave early, packed up today and are spending the night in a ...

EMF Day 2

I realize that I have mentioned EMF a number of times now but not really explained what I am referring to. EMF or Electro Magnetic Field is a festival held every two years, where people do fun things with technology in a field.

There is fast internet and WiFi across ...

EMF Day 1

We arrived at EMF1 and set up camp just in time to make the opening ceremony. Well, we were 5 mins late but the opening ceremony was 15 mins late. Unfortunately our 3 year old didn't want to sit in the marquee long enough, so we headed out ...