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Starting to Cleanup My Own Mess

At the start of the year, I hacked together a small spreadsheet that did many things that a spreadsheet is not meant to do. It was meant as a proof of concept however is started adding more and more to it. I had a few goes at tidying up the ...

Glueing for the Future

I have been asked to help glue two separate programs together. The first program generates four different Excel files. The second program needs multiple XML files.

It is such a complex mess and I am not sure what the best way to tackle it is.

Part of me wants to ...

Last Good Value from PI

Within our plant, we use the PI as our main plant historian. We can access process history using PI datalink to import the data into excel. There was a situation last week where I was attempting to create a dashboard view of the process.

Unfortunatly one of the tags I ...