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Bad Weather

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

The above quote is often used by cyclists to encourage others to venture out during the wetter and colder times of the year. After tonight's commute home I call BS on that quote. Tonight was definitely bad weather ...

Traffic Fun

Normally when I collect the boys from nursery, I leave work and cycle across Grangemouth and into Falkirk to collect them. Then I hitch a trailer to my bike and tow them home.

Today, due to the bad weather1, I had the car and drove to pick them up ...

The Secret to Cycling Fast

This morning, on my way to work, it felt like I was flying and I think I have found a reliable way to be able to repeat the feeling.

Simply cycle home uphill while putting a trailer with two small children in it. That way, the next time you cycle ...

One Idiot Can Spoil a Day

Earlier this week, I cycled from work into Falkirk town centre. After the journey, I was asked how the trip went and my first reaction was that it was horrible. But then I caught myself.

Most of the trip went fine. It was just one particular part that spoilt it ...

Afraid of a Few Drops of Rain

Once an engine attached to a train
Was afraid of a few drops of rain
It went into a tunnel
And squeaked through its funnel
And wouldn't come out again

The sad story of Henry, Rev. W. Awdry

The route I use to cycle to work goes under the ...

Fun with the Sewing Machine

For a number of years now my preferred cycling bag has been a messenger bag but with clips built into it so it can be attached to a bicycle rack. I prefer this style over the traditional pannier bag style because it is more convenient to carry when you get ...

BBQs and Cycling

This weekend has been pretty busy in our house. We had our 4th of July picnic (on the 7th) where we invite lots of friends over.

Normally we invite far more people than actually attend. This year we ended up with a record turnout and brilliant weather.

It was a ...

Sweaty on a Train

Once again I am sweaty on the train having sprinted for it.

I am headed into Edinburgh for an Inaugural Lecture on Energy, Exergy and How We Can Achieve a Low Carbon Economy.

Unfortunately until this morning, after I was already at work, I had forgotten about it (must review ...

Review - Athleteshop

I recently bought a Basil Urban Fold Messenger bag from Shortly after receiving the bag, they sent an email requesting a review of their site however the place to review it is their facebook page (and I am not currently using facebook).

As such, I have decided ...

Cycling in to Waverley Station

I have been on holiday for the last week and have made a number of trips into Edinburgh during the week and have taken a bike with me to help get around the city.

In the distant past, to get a bike in or out of Waverly, you would simply ...