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Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

I have now had a couple of opportunities to drive on the wrong side of the road (as apposed to the left side). They have also been my first experiences of driving an automatic car.

I think the biggest issue I have is that the mirrors are not where I ...

Kilts at Weddings

We went to a wedding yesterday and I wore a kilt along with both my sons.

This seemed to get us a lot of attention, almost as if the folks around here are not used to seeing folk in kilts at formal occasions.

Thoughts on Good and Bad Procrastination

I have just come across an article written in 2005 about Good and Bad Procrastination. Essentially procrastinating by ignoring errands to get on with the big questions or tasks like an absent-minded professor shouldn't always be considered a bad thing.

Getting on with errands can feel good and productive ...

Transatlantic Flight with 2 Kids

It turns out that our youngest child will probably be a rollercoaster junky. During both take offs, he had a giant grin on his face. Leaving Edinburgh he had both feet and both arms stretched out in the air. Both kids also enjoyed the strong turbulence as we were coming ...

Ready Player One

Ready Player One was one of the in flight movie options. I was waiting to watch it.

I loved it more than I was expecting. And I had high hopes.

A Quick Turnaround

Today was the second and last day of our quick turnaround between holidays. We have put all the camping stuff from EMF away and are getting ready for our transatlantic adventure.

The biggest pain had been trying to get our heads around transporting the extra car seats. The requirements of ...


Today we did rest
Spent time as a family
It was for the best


I knew that the certificate of my home server was about to expire. It looks like I have somehow managed to corrupt most of my apt repository. I get lots of errors and I think it has gotten confused over which version of python is getting used.

The result is ...

EMF Day 3

Today was the last day of EMF 2018. The events and parties will continue on late into tonight and people are welcome to camp the last night but there will be fed facilities tomorrow morning.

We decided to leave early, packed up today and are spending the night in a ...

EMF Day 2

I realize that I have mentioned EMF a number of times now but not really explained what I am referring to. EMF or Electro Magnetic Field is a festival held every two years, where people do fun things with technology in a field.

There is fast internet and WiFi across ...