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Viso: How to Split Lines

At work, I occasionally have to modify visio drawings created by others.

When I am making a drawing, I always ensure each segment of a line is a seperate line, which makes modifying later much easier. Unfortunatly few others do it this way and just use polly lines.

The following ...

Review - Stitch Master


Stitch Master are a Tailors in Falkirk and I used them to take-in a couple of my old shirts that I do not use any more.


I have trouble finding shirts that fit me well, even the slim fit shirts often feel loose around the waist.

I have ...

Eilidh Doyle Talk

Today I attended a reliability away day organised by work. Part of the day's events included a talk by 400m Hurdles athlete Eilidh Doyle. The talk was a relaxed sit down conversation between Eilidh and Niall Browne, the refinery HR manager.

This post includes some of the main things ...

The Keil Centre - Presentation

Yesterday I attended a presentation at the Keil Centre delivered by Janette Edmonds on 'Predictive Assessment of Human Reliability'.

Focus of the presentation was on prediction and looking forward to what could happen, rather than the traditional view of retrospectively looking into times something has gone wrong.

Human Reliability

While ...

Dynamic Alarms

Earlier today I commissioned a project I have been working on for the last year, ESD Dynamic Alarm Suppression.

When the Emergency Shutdown (ESD) System is activated, shutdown valves will close and pumps will stop. This normally causes a significant flood of extra alarms as the normal control system warns ...

At Least the House hasn't Burnt Down

For Christmas 2014, I got a weather station from my parents. I have set it up to put the data online with weather underground and I can view my weather at any time by going to my personal weather station dashboard.

If for some reason, the system stops sending data ...

Times When Tracks Does Not Work

I previously wrote about how Getting Things Done (GTD) and Tracks have been useful in keeping organised at work. When GTD is working, things generally feel good. Even when there is a high workload, there is also a sense of control.

There are a couple of areas when I tend ...

My Day* in Court

* Well just over one hour.

Earlier this week, I attended Falkirk Sheriff Court after receiving a Jury Citation letter a couple of months ago. I thought I would write a quick note about my experience here.

This is the first time I have received a Jury Citation. I have previously ...

Sweaty on a Train

Once again I am sweaty on the train having sprinted for it.

I am headed into Edinburgh for an Inaugural Lecture on Energy, Exergy and How We Can Achieve a Low Carbon Economy.

Unfortunately until this morning, after I was already at work, I had forgotten about it (must review ...

JWF: Clamp on Flow Metering Technology

I have just attended a Lunch and Learn session delivered by JWF Process Solutions Ltd and hosted by the Institute of Measurement and Control East of Scotland Section.

This presentation focused on clamp on ultrasonic flow meters and their recent developments.

I have had a small amount of experience with ...