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Ways to Make a Bang

It seems almost fitting that on the 5th of November, Guy Fawkes night, that I would spend the day working out different ways to blow stuff up.

Today was the first day performing a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) of the plant I used to look after as an operations engineer ...

Teaching the Hypothesis

When writing yesterday's post I remembered my own introduction to experiments at school. I loved science and I loved finding stuff out. What I didn't love was getting things wrong and I could not understand why they forced us to make a guess about what would happen before ...

Science with a 3-Year-Old

On Friday, I was handed a "science kit" as I collected my 3 year old from nursery. It looks like all the kids get handed it at some point and asked to do some of the experiments and write something in the book about the experience.

So we decided it ...

The Joy of Running a Script

I had the joy today if running a script which took about 20 seconds to run, and in that time, saved another member of my team days of work.

Of course it took me several hours to write the script, to work on the first file but once that first ...

7 Years at Grangemouth

Today marks the seven year anniversary of my employment at Grangemouth Refinery. Unfortunately it has been spent at home recovering from a stomach bug.

I am sure that I managed the first few years without having to take any time off for sickness, but in recent years it has become ...

A Short Message to Your Leader Part 2

Monday's post, posted the question, if I could send a short message to my countries leaders, what would I say?

I have already stated that a simple "Don't be evil" is a wasted opportunity. Similarly I don't want to waste the opportunity by writing abuse (though there ...

We Also Have The Plague

It was interesting to see today's raspberry pi blog post, mostly because it describes exactly how our family are feeling.

Hopefully normal service can resume soon.

A Short Message to Your Leader

When filling in a Google survey, I was asked, if I could send a short message to my countries leaders, what would I say?

I hadn't given this question any thought before and (as it was a quick survey) u just gave a quick answer:

Don't be evil ...

Sunday Mornings

With the clocks changing this weekend, it has just exasperated a problem we have most weekends: what do you do with a kid on a Sunday morning?

Unlike most folk, small people seem to like getting up early and don't see any need to change their routine on a ...

Stop Rubbing It In

Firefox has just recommend an article from The Cut for me to read titled:

It’s Astounding How Many Problems Can Be Solved Just by Waking Up Early

I haven't actually read the article, so I have no idea if it is any good. But when I have just ...