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Doing Nothing is Tiering

Today we spent the day doing nothing. At least nothing I would consider answering "what did you do at the weekend?" with. We did make it as far as Tesco, but that was the only excursion.

It was partially nice to spend time as a family together rather than galavanting ...

Temperature Control

One of the nice things about working in a blast resistant building is that none of the windows open. This means that the air conditioning is able to cool the air within the room without risking some bright spark opening a window"to help keep the place cool".

Unfortunately sometimes ...

Plex and Subsonic Media Servers

Earlier this week, I decided to install Plex on my home server after getting irritated that I couldn't watch anything on my media server easily.

My home server currently consists of nextcloud and subsonic. Over the years nextcloud has been getting used more and more with the many additional ...

Learning From Remote Workers

I have just finished reading an article about the challenges and opportunities of remote working, and I noticed that many of the bits of advice that the article provides to remote workers could equally be applied to those of us that work on the same site1.

In-person time is ...

Access Denied

Earlier today I was attempting to make some changes to a Windows server in a secure way1. I fully accept that my knowledge in this area is not particularly strong and so I started looking for the information online. This was harder to do than I initially thought.

It ...

First Run Post Summer Break

I went for my first run since my early summer break today. I have been very poor with my running since leaving university and never gotten into a consistent training routine. The only thing I have been consistent with is that I take a break from running from some point ...

Thanks to... Let Me Google That

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Abby Norman for her wonderful podcast series Let Me Google That.

Almost every day she picks a subject that interests her and does a five to 10 minute talk about it. These subjects can be on almost anything, the history of ...

Not Beaten This Time!

Last time we hosted a picnic party I failed to post that day, breaking my streak1.

Not today. Today I am posting no matter what!


  1. Ok my streak was only 2 days at that point but that is not the point

Stale Alarms

I have previously written about alarms and following on from yesterday's post I want to write about stale alarms.

These are alarms that initially come in, but for some reason the operator cannot remove them. They are usually classed as stale if they have been on the alarm page ...

What is an Alarm?

I have previously written about nuisance alarms particularly during shutdowns, but today I want to cover the fundamental questions of what an alarm is and what it is not.

The definition of an alarm is:

Alarm: An audible and/or visible means of indicating to the operator an equipment malfunction ...