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Howto: Fix Car Doors Not Staying Locked

So today I had a bit of a puzzling problem with my car which ultimately had a very mundane solution. It took me longer than it probably should have to find the answer and I didn't find an answer online with my brief search so I have decided to ...

Thoughts on Today's Fire

I decided not to post this on the day of the incident but wait till more was known. There have been too many occasions where comments made in the immediate aftermath of an incident are ultimately unhelpful. A week has passed now and I feel that my comments are still ...

Clockwork at Work

From the first of May, all smart watches and fitness trackers have been banned at work to help comply with DSEAR1. The ban covers everywhere within the refinery gates, including offices, not just plants where explosive atmospheres may occur.

As a result, I can no longer use my everyday ...

APC vs Toddlers

Over the last few weeks, I have been commissioning a couple of new Advance Process Control (APC) schemes within the refinery and it occurs to me that this is very similar to looking after a toddler in the house.

Watching a Toddler

When looking after the little one, you can ...


My Avatar

A year ago today, I started to use Habitica, an online role playing game aimed at improving productivity.

What is Habitica?

Similar to lots of other online games, you have a character and work to collect experience (which allows you to level up), coins (which allow you to purchase items ...

Five Years Ago Today

Alot has changed in 5 years. It is nice that some things don't.

Our Wedding

I Loved you then,
I Love you now,
And forever more ∞

Dictionary Fail

Today when reading an ebook, I came across a word I was not sure about, expostulating. One of the nice features of reading on an ebook reader, is that you can easily select the word and look it up. In this case however it was not that useful:

Dictionary definition of expostulation

Text quoted ...

pH Problems

During a cat reformer regen we are required to monitor the pH and alkalinity of a wash water solution in the process.

This year we had issues with controlling the alkalinity and we used so much of our neutralising solution, we ran out.

This post will explain the background and ...

Viso: How to Split Lines

At work, I occasionally have to modify visio drawings created by others.

When I am making a drawing, I always ensure each segment of a line is a seperate line, which makes modifying later much easier. Unfortunatly few others do it this way and just use polly lines.

The following ...

Review - Stitch Master


Stitch Master are a Tailors in Falkirk and I used them to take-in a couple of my old shirts that I do not use any more.


I have trouble finding shirts that fit me well, even the slim fit shirts often feel loose around the waist.

I have ...